A three-bed house on 20 acres in Montana

I mean, why not?

We’ve all been there: It’s late at night and an anxious mind is riddled with thoughts about a never-ending to-do list, financial concerns, family drama, and wondering whether or not the tone in which you said “hello” to your friend’s boyfriend’s roommate came across as too abrasive.

And so, we’ve all also been here. Which is, imagining for just a moment what it’d be like to be a bird and not have any of the concerns that humans are plagued with, instead just thinking about how to eat and mate and survive in a wind storm whilst migrating south. Along the same vein, I often wonder what it’d be like to live on a massive piece of property in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire or Canada or somewhere else completely.

A three-bedroom house on 20 acres in Montana

I have never been to Montana. I know nearly nothing about the state other than, as of late, pandemic case numbers and vaccine distribution statistics. But of course, images of horses and cowboys and wide open stretches of land complemented by endless big sky is what comes to mind.

This home is relatively modest 2,800 square feet in size with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus stunning mountain and valley views. Built in 1999, the northwestern retreat was designed by Arthur Dyson, who, according to the listing, was a prodigy of Frank Lloyd Wright. Generous open floorplan living and a spacious kitchen make family gatherings simple, while a fireplace situated over the master bathroom soaking tub offers an element of luxury ideal for a place like Montana. The best part about this property is that it’s on an expansive 20 acres of private land, making it ideal for anyone who’s looking to get away from it all. Owning this home will cost you $650,000. [Sotheby’s International Realty]

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